In the days when Babylon was the greatest city on Earth, mankind lived in placid ignorance of the grandeur, vastness and horror of the cosmos. Following cataclysmic events on Earth the fragile veil between reality and the Void was shattered and the truth of existence revealed. As mankind cried for salvation they were torn from their homeworld by Void-torrents and the surviving peoples of Earth were scattered among the stars. Countless were lost and mankind seemed all but perished.

Over the decades the survivors, stragglers and ragged remnants of mankind’s tribes struggled for their lives across countless uncaring worlds. However, a few managed to go beyond mere subsistence and travel the Void-currents to congregate in fabled Llyhn, epicentre of the cosmos.

In the BLACK VOID role-playing game you and your fellow players are descendants of the survivors of Earth. Behind you the smouldering ruins of humanity, before you a vast treacherous cosmos and mysterious Llyhn swarming with outlandish lifeforms, eccentric daimons and otherworldly entities. In this swelling cosmopolis of intrigue, wonder, decadence, beauty and eldritch menace begins the battle for the survival and resurgence of mankind.


  • Easy, unrestrictive and versatile character creation and progression allow you to build exactly the character you want to play
  • The D12-based system is founded on simple and intuitive principles allowing players to focus on the action rather than rules and procedures
  • A fast-paced manoeuvre-based combat system ensures consistently versatile encounters
  • Extensive weapons and armour customisation options provide possibilities to create distinctive equipment suited particularly for your character and playing style
  • Enlightenment, Mysticism and Blood Rituals offer novel and thrilling powers for players to explore


BLACK VOID is about the fall and subsequent resurgence of mankind as characters pursue enlightenment, power and prestige in a vast and unfamiliar cosmos. Encounters with the outlandish, bizarre and grotesque are at the core of this game as players traverse and explore innumerable worlds separated yet inconceivably connected by an enigmatic Void.

BLACK VOID is not a game of “good versus evil”. Rather, this game takes a less rigid approach and probes the grey areas where morals are points of view and conventional conjecture is non-existent or irrelevant.


The BLACK VOID setting and system is based on the notion that simplicity grants diversity and rules should always take a backseat to the story. In the game simple and straightforward rules allow players to focus on the narrative and action at hand, while a thematic core concept combined with a boundless setting provide infinite adventure possibilities. The game is designed for extensive sandbox-style play but can work for short stand-alone adventures also.


Don’t just take our word for it, download the BETA-version of the quickstart rules for free and judge for yourself!

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